Flavor of the month  Choco Ferrero 593332 K Evarom  – our latest suggestion for ice cream

Choco Ferrero web Choco Ferrero 593332 K Evarom

hazelnut, chocolate, wafer

The flavor of Ferrero Rocher confection hazelnut coated with vanilla wafer and then in milk chocolate

For ice cream

Colorless. Liquid. WS

Use level 0.05 – 0.2% depending on how many “rocks” you put in the ice cream

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Evarom Vanilla Bean 533501 FM15 2 Mango 523211 M Kent Evarom

Sulfery and green but still juicy tropical fruit flavor; slight peach and pignoli notes

For fruit preparation, fruit salad, smoothies, chutney, Asian sauces, mango rice

Use 0.1 - 0.2%







Evarom Vanilla Bean 533501 FM15 1Evarom Vanilla Bean 533501 FM15 2 Vanilla Bean 533501 FM15 Evarom

True Madagascar vanilla bean flavor. Sweet. Beany. Woody (the woody note of real vanilla is noticeable).

a natural vanilla extract WONIF flavor with true alcoholic character.

Brown colour.

Great in premium ice cream and creme desserts

Use 0.05 in creme dessert - 0.1% in ice cream


Evarom Donut 523335 MEvarom Donut 523335 M

Like eating a sugar donut. Sweet dough with fried notes. Goes great with sprinkles.

Use 0.1%



Geysi fystikovoytyro 1 Geysi fystikovoytyro 2
Peanut Butter 523003 KT Evarom

Nutty, light roast, oily flavor with a smooth, creamy peanut butter flavor. Lightly roasted for use in ice cream.

Use 0.20% in ice cream

Peanut butter flavor in ice cream and two syrups 1) chocolate syrup, 2) caramel syrup rippled in separately. Decorate with ground peanuts.





karidi2Walnut - Maple Syrup

Walnut - Maple Syrup - This recipe is a beautiful marriage between walnuts and maple syrup.

A Classic Movenpick ice cream flavor. ( or classic Swiss ice cream )

karidi3Karydi Walnut 524002 M Evarom 0.15%

Maple Syrup 524201 M Evarom 0.10%



Fig Green

Fig Green – this balanced flavor combines the sticky-sweet fruity taste of fig with the milky, green notes of the fig skin. The warm undertones give a satisfying aftertaste to your product.




Absinthe – the “Green Fairy” is back, the banned elixir that was recently legalized. The drink that inspired Picasso and drove Van Gogh crazy is now available as a new ice cream flavor. Contains natural color. Without alcohol and thujone (suitable for children)


Macadamia – the nut with the most delicate flavor. It has a rich, buttery taste which you will appreciate in ice cream.

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