BIOTREK develops, produces and applies flavors and taste systems in food. Our manufacturing facility is in Greece, near Athens, but we have customers and sources worldwide. We have been supplying the food and feed industry since 1987. Today we sell only products that we produce ourselves, but in the past we also acted as distributors for some of the world’s largest companies with flavor and texture ingredients. We produce flavors, extracts (natural flavoring preparations), tastes and flavor systems as well as texture and stabilizing systems, primarily for the food industry.

Over the years we have established a corporate culture of quality, safety and hygeine. Our name has become associated with technical competence, innovative new product development and with delivering solutions at a competitive cost.

One of our strong points is our commitment to research and development. BIOTREK is composed of a coordinated team of specialized scientists who, with their knowledge, creativity and passion can make the difference in the taste of the each customer’s products.

Our goal is to work closely with our customers and to create products that offer added value, consumer recognition and commercial success.

Essentially what we do is create unique flavors and textures which our customers and our customer’s customers have come to love over the years and which have contributed materially to the success of their brands.