Caramel color is one of the oldest ingredients used in the Food & Drinks Industry around the world. Coca Cola has been using it since 1888.

BIOTREK can supply three out of the four categories of caramel colors approved by the European Union


Caramel Color 2X (050)

Double concentration
The #1 natural colorant in the world
Dark brown color with a hue like a cola drink
Resistant to acid environment
Applications: soft drinks, vinegar, ice-cream syrups and coffee



Caramel Color (108)

Brown with a red hue
Great clarity
Stable 60% alcohol
Applications: drinks (cognac, vermouth) cherry pie filling, sour cherry drink, ice tea


Caramel color 270

Dark brown color with a hue like soy sauce
Colloidal charge positive
Does not blur in the presence of proteins
Applications: dark beer, cakes, wafers, hazelnut paste, chocolate creams, chocolate milk, meat gravies, pickles


Burned sugar

Derived exclusively from sugar and water
Gives taste and color
Does not have E number
Applications: Drinks (whiskey, rum) pastry applications