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Salad Dressing

This is a range of products with which you can quickly and easily make various salad dressings simply by adding mayonnaise or tomato, water and vinegar. Some basic dressings are:

CAESAR 10005 - a combination of the flavors of Parmesan cheese, garlic and anchovies.

BLUE CHEESE DRESSING 10013 – a unique flavor of a mild blue cheese.

ROQUEFORT 10405- roquefort sauce with the rich flavor of French cheese. Pale yellow color, with various spots.

CREAM FRESH DRESSING 10010 – fresh, light and creamy flavor.

FRENCH DRESSING – for the well-known orange colored sauce, combining a sweet touch of garlic, paprika and lemon flavor.

1000 ISLANDS 10003 – with nice flavor of cucumber.

RANCH DRESSING 10011 – American style with sour cream flavor.

CHEF DRESSING 10309 – for a pink sauce with the familiar flavor.

MAYONNAISE LIGHT 10210 – make mayonnaise with half the calories by thinning the original.

COCKTAIL SAUCE 10016 – sauce for shrimp and crayfish with a unique flavor.

MUSTARD RELISH -mustard and pickle sauce for sandwiches and dips.

SAUCE CASTELLA – easy sauce for the perfect tuna salad.

HONEY MUSTARD – perfect for salads that contain chicken.

SWEET CHILI – very strong flavor for ethnic salads.