Pellet Snacks

Main Categories of Pellet Flavors

CHEESE: from classic cheddar and gouda to Roquefort, feta, Kasseri and Mexican nacho in similar colors and full of flavor.

PAPRIKA: sweet, red paprika, plain or combined with cheese, tomato, bacon and other (e.g. Dracula snacks).

OREGANO: carefully selected and sifted oregano in balance with essential oils and/or enriched with dehydrated vegetables, herbal extracts or selected spices.

CHILI and SPICES: spicy or seasoned flavors of chili in combinations with dehydrated vegetables, herbs or spices, satisfying even the most demanding of palettes.

BACON: authentic flavors of bacon combined with cheese and tomato or with emphasis on the element of dried tomatoes. There are also other flavors of cold cuts such as ham and pariser, gyros, sausages, salami or smoked steak.

PIZZA: a basic flavor for a snack. We have many variations with balanced combinations with cheese, sauce, cold cuts, vegetables, herbs and spices.

TOMATO and SAUCE: a variety of flavors such as Spicy tomato, Hot tomato, Ketchup, American BBQ, Drakolino, sweet and sour. Great success and impact have had the flavors of tomato, tomato basil & & oregano, tomato or tomato cheese & hot & spicy.

LEMON & VINEGAR: flavors that give your products mild or intense acidity, with or without salt.

GARLIC & ONION: make classic combinations with butter, cheese, beef, sour cream, mushroom, etc.

MEAT: a variety in flavors of pork or beef or chicken. With spices and dehydrated vegetables, to give a flavor of pot roast, boiled meat, or meat on a spit.

SEAFOOD: shrimp, salmon, crab or fish in a variety of combinations. Exotic or traditional such as Skillet Shrimp with Feta and Tomato, Hot Spicy, Newburg or Fish & Chips.

MEDITERRANEAN HERBS: wonderful combination of herbs and vegetables, such as olives, Pesto, basil, sundried tomato, tomato-olive-oregano, tomato-basil, roasted vegetables, yogurt-dill etc.

BBQ: great variety of authentic BBQ flavoring with a mildly or intensely smoky taste enriched with tomato, cheese or lightly sweet n’ sour just as it is preferred in various areas such as Chicago, Texas, Spain etc.

NOSALT ADDED: wide range of mixtures for flavoring without salt, combinations of lemon, pepper, bacon (smoked), cheese, mustard, basil, tomato or ketchup, pizza, balsamic vinegar and chili etc.

ETHNIC : Chinese 5 spices, Thai Sweet Chilli, Chicken Curry, Ranch with yogurt curry, Chili & Lime, Chili con Carne, Chili Oriental, Chinese Spareribs, Jalapeno & Chipotle, Kima di Baharat, Giaourtlou, Mexican Sauce, Satay Beef, Spicy Hummus, Spicy Yoghurt & Mango etc.

SOME MORE FLAVORS : Tzatziki, Spinach, Ham and cheese, Hamburger, Bolognese, Herb Provencal, Garlic-Oregano, Salsa, Smoky Barbeque, French Fries, Barbeque Steak, Cocktail Sauce, Spring Festival, Greek salad, Paella, Valenciana, Mushroom, Worcestershire , Honey mustard, Mixed vegetables, Taco, Primavera, Carbonara, Sour cream, Mushroom ala crème, Tarator, Creamy garlic and other